Multifuel Stoves & Installation

What is a Multifuel Stove?

A multifuel stove is designed to burn a variety of different fuels to generate heat. This flexibility enables you to make decisions based on factors like cost, availability, and environmental considerations. Multifuel stoves are typically easy to load and adjust, ensuring efficient and effective heating.

Fuel types can include wood, smokeless coal and peat.

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Multifuel Brands we work with

Our Beautiful Multifuel Stoves come in a complete range of styles and colours to suit every home.

Here are just a few of our favourites (but the best way for you to see for yourself is to visit our showroom!)

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Blithfield 5 Standard

Blithfield 5 Compact

Little Thurlow



Fireline FQ5W

Frequently Asked Questions About Multifuel Stoves

1. What are the advantages of a multifuel stove?
The main advantage of multifuel stoves is the range of fuels they can use. They are also often highly efficient and provide reliable heat.
Yes, they do to ensure there is proper ventilation and safe operation.

You can burn wood, smokeless coal and peat.

It really depends on the type of fuel used and the stove’s efficiency. Using clean-burning fuels and following best practices is the best way minimise environmental impact.
Some can, but we can advise.

No electricity is required.

You will need to regularly clean inside and inspect the stove to ensure proper airflow.
Yes, they can. If you are thinking about this, our installation team can advise.
Yes, this is very important. We help remind you of this though as part of our aftercare.

Yes, a HETAS engineer is required to install your stove to ensure your installation meets building regulations.

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