Gas Stoves
& Installation

What is a Gas Stove?

Gas Stoves give you the romance and charm of a Wood Burner or Multi Fuel Stove with the convenience and technology of a gas fire. Our Gas Stoves have highly realistic log fuel or coal effects and will be made from a combination of steel and cast for an authentic look.

Some Gas stoves even come with a remote control so you adjust heat output from the comfort of your armchair.

Could not have been more pleased with the work carried out by Abbey Fire. We had been warned to expect a degree of disruption and were prepared for the worst but our fears were unfounded as the guys worked incredibly tidily with the minimum of fuss. The entire install was completed in less than two days and it looks like it’s been there forever. Can’t recommend them highly enough.


Gas Stove Brands we work with

Our Gas Stoves are perfect for home owners who cannot necessarily facilitate a wood burning stove, but would love heat and the “look” of a wood burner.

Here are just a few of our favourites (but the best way for you to see for yourself is to visit our showroom!)

(no appointment necessary)


Dovre 280



Huntington 20


Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Stoves

1. How does a gas stove work?
Gas stoves burn natural gas or propane in burners to produce a controlled flame.
Yes, they are really. Gas stoves can run on either natural gas or propane.
Our Gas Stoves have an electronic ignition systems that automatically ignites the gas when you activate the control knob to the desired burner.
Not, with all models, no. We can advise but we’ll make sure you make the right choice in the beginning so don’t worry!
Because they heat up so quickly they are energy efficiency and you can control the temperature too.

No, generally as the gas supply to the house is controlled by electricity.

There is some cleaning that helps maintain your fire but no, you don’t need, your chimney cleaning.

Gas stoves can emit carbon monoxide if they are not properly vented or if there is incomplete combustion. Adequate ventilation and regular maintenance are essential to minimize the risk of CO emissions. We would always suggest installing a carbon monoxide alarm in any room where there is a gas appliance.

No, you can’t cook on a gas stove.

If you smell gas, immediately turn off the stove, extinguish any flames, and ventilate the area by opening windows and doors. Do not use electrical switches or appliances, as they could spark. Contact your gas supplier or emergency services.

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