Log Burners, Gas Stoves and Gas Fires from Abbey Fire Centre

Here you will find information about the products we sell and install. We cover a whole range of products - from wood burning stoves, to gas stoves, to gas fires and even companion sets and log baskets. We also work with a number of manufacturers to ensure we have a wide range of log burners and gas fires in different designs and formats.

In our "stoves" section, you will find more information about wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves and gas stoves. Each type of stove comes with different advantages to the user, and there are a variety of manufacturers we work with the offer you both modern and traditional design features, as well as offering different budgets to suit all.

In our "gas fire" section, you will find information about different types of gas fires we have available to sell. We are also Gas Safe engineers so have gas fire fitters wo can install these into your home. We work with a small number of gas fire manufacturers  to ensure we only work with the best on the market. Our gas fires range from more modern "hole in the wall" gas fires, to the more traditional 16" inset gas fires.

In our "manufacturers" section, you will find more information about the manufacturers we work with, as well as links to their websites. We enjoy working with a range of manufacturers, rather than just two or three like many other showrooms, as we like to be able to offer the customer a choice of products - whether it's a log burner, a gas fire, or a multi-fuel stove you are looking for.